Introduction to Python


Dive into the world of code by learning one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world! Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced programmer, Python is an excellent language to learn because of its applications in areas like data science, back-end development, and machine learning. In this course, we'll cover the fundamentals of the Python programming language, from basic syntax to conditionals to object creation. You'll cap off your learning experience by creating a final project and applying everything that you've learned in the past week! Learn to think like a computer scientist and write useful programs in this Introduction to Python course!

No previous programming experience required!

Topics covered

  • Python syntax and the fundamentals of coding

  • Arithmetic and boolean operators

  • If/else statement and while/for loops

  • Basic data structures

  • Class deceleration and creation

  • Thinking abstractly

  • User input

Location: Live virtual class via Zoom

Date/Time: July 27th - 31st | 3:45 - 5:45 PM

Required Materials: Laptop with Python

Teacher: Amitav Rawat

Amitav Rawat is a junior at Saratoga High School. He has always been fascinated with computer programming since elementary school. Amitav is fluent in Java, Python, Scratch and C. Amitav is the T.A. for the AP Computer Science course taught at Saratoga High for the upcoming year. In addition, Amitav has completed a CS course and numerous projects offered by Harvard. Currently, he is working on his upcoming website and creating more projects.

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